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Team Uniforms:



Covert Team Wear offers a wide range of team uniforms for all sports along with endless customized decoration options. We can customize products and design based on your budget and have you looking your very best on the field or court.  

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Screen Printing:



Screen printing is the method in which ink is forced through the pores in a mesh screen directly on to the surface of a product by the wiping of a squeegee across the screen. This process is repeated for each of the colors in the design until the graphic is completed. 

This method is best for large orders as it is the quickest and generally the most cost effective method of printing. 

Orders with personalization (individual names and numbers) needs are not suitable for screen printing.

Discharge screen printing services are also available. Please be sure to double check and ask if your product meets discharge printing criteria. 

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Heat Transfer:



Heat transferring is the style of printing that uses a heat press to adhere a vinyl image to the surface of a product. 

This method is best suited and typically most cost effective for smaller orders with a graphic that has a high level of detail or contain a lot of different colors. 

Personalization orders such a names and numbers are almost always completed using this method.

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Direct to Garment (DTG):


Direct to garment printing, commonly known as DTG, utilizes a large ink jet printer to spray very fine streams of ink directly onto the surface of a product. The printed graphic has virtually no "feel" and is soft to the touch.

DTG printing is best used for smaller orders that have graphics with high levels of detail and color. 

Dye Sublimation:


Dye sublimation printing is the method in which an ink based image is heat pressed directly into the fibers of a product. Since the ink is being absorbed into the fibers of the product rather than being applied on top, the image is soft to the touch. 

Sublimation printing is best for small orders that have products composed of only 100% polyester. 

*** Embroidery services also available upon request.

Contact us today for an estimate or consultation and let us help find the right solution to fit your needs.

Please note that some products may not be suitable for specific printing styles.